Additional Topics


Practice Management

This longitudinal curriculum is designed to educate residents to manage their future practices in the context of the larger health care system.  Residents will be prepared to participate in quality improvement activities within their practices and hospitals, effectively lead health care teams, improve patient safety, and implement innovative practice models and strategies. Practice management sessions will occur every Tuesday, spanning all three years of training. Sessions vary in format, including traditional chalk-talks, group projects, and virtual asynchronous sessions.

Topics Include:

  • Quality Improvement (3 Part Series)

  • Population Health (3 Part Series)

  • Patient Safety (3 Part Series)

  • Billing and Coding (5 Part Series)

  • Business of Medicine (10 Part Series)

  • Monthly Business Meetings

Community Medicine

Throughout residency, our residents participate in a longitudinal community medicine curriculum, including didactics guest speakers from various community agencies, community engagement activities, and volunteer/community service opportunities. Additionally, during PGY1, our residents have an individualized custom-built dedicated 4-week rotation to explore our community and the various ways people in our community interface with health and wellness. During that rotation, residents have the opportunity to create most of their own schedule based on personal interests.

Residents and faculty present  ENGAGE , a community diabetes program.

Residents and faculty present ENGAGE, a community diabetes program.

Experiences include:

  • Diabetes prevention programs

  • Community mental health

  • Online health communities

  • Population and public health

  • School health

  • Free clinics

  • Home health

  • And more!


Exercise in the Community

Residents will participate in local exercise classes and visit local exercise businesses to help better understand and counsel patients on options available for exercise.

Resident Yoga Class

Resident Yoga Class

Areas include: yoga, high intensity exercise, local community fitness center, weight lifting, CrossFit, running clubs, and kickboxing to name a few


Mini - MBA

The doctors of the future will need to have more administrative and business savvy than ever before. Unfortunately, many physicians are not being trained with basic business knowledge that is crucial for their success. This two half day retreat was designed with the future physician in mind. Classic MBA topics are distilled down to only the content which physicians need to know to excel in their future practices. Content is delivered by physician MBA graduates in conjunction with guest speakers that are content experts in their individual fields. The two half day retreats occur during the second half of the academic year.

Topics Include:

  • Analytics

  • Accounting

  • Culture

  • Finance

  • Leadership

  • Marketing

  • Operations


Exercise Prescription

As part of the longitudinal sports medicine curriculum residents are taught how to follow evidence based guidelines for exercise prescription in the outpatient setting. We currently have a Quality Improvement project on implementation of exercise prescription into all physical exam and chronic disease office visits.

Dr. Demertzis successfully finishes the Emerald City Half Marathon

Dr. Demertzis successfully finishes the Emerald City Half Marathon

Topics include:

  • Introduction to Exercise Prescription

  • Health Screening for Exercise Prescription

  • Concussion – Return to Play Protocol

  • Knee Osteoarthritis

  • Back Pain

  • Shoulder Pain

  • Diabetics

  • COPD/Asthma

  • Hypertension

  • Weight Loss

  • Neurologic Conditions

  • Flexibility and Mobility

  • Elderly and Dementia

Wellness Coaching


Physicians are well-trained in the pathophysiology, diagnosis, and management of disease states, yet often lack skills in regards to how to keep patients healthy and engaged in their own health. In order to empower our residents to incorporate wellness into their personal lives and in their care of their patients, our wellness curriculum includes training and practice in the tenants of wellness coaching.