Our residency program is built on a culture of wellness. Our goal is to promote wellness not only within our residents, but throughout our office, with our patients, and in our community. During our longitudinal wellness experience, residents will appraise different aspects of wellness, and create an individualized wellness vision and plan for themselves. Residents will become advocates within the medical and local communities, cultivating a culture of wellness in our program and beyond. An hour dedicated to promotion of wellness is built-in to each week’s didactics, covering topics listed below as well as additional topics guided by resident interests. Wellness is woven throughout the program curriculum in community medicine, sports medicine, ambulatory care, and more.

Wellness is an integral part of everything that we do!


Wellness Topics

  • Mindfulness

  • Gratitude

  • Physical activity

  • Community service

  • Strengths

  • Creative activities

  • Fatigue mitigation

  • Burnout & compassion fatigue

  • Positive psychology

  • Motivational interviewing

  • Wellness coaching

  • Financial planning

  • Time management



  • Our curriculum has built-in time during various rotations for residents to use at their discretion for personal wellness

  • Residents participate in Balint style groups

  • All-office retreats occur at least biannually to promote team-building through activities which foster creativity, physical activity, and mental health

  • Residents have quarterly individual meetings refining their wellness vision and goals

  • Residents participate in reflective journaling and vlogging at various points throughout residency


Additional Facts

  • Our innovative didactic structure fosters adult learning, creativity, and individual expression

  • Our office everyday schedule promotes strong continuity relationships with office staff and patients

  • Our community medicine and exercise in the community curricula allow residents to advocate for health in the community and discover new personal wellness modalities

  • Resident quality improvement projects are underway focused on improving wellness in our patients, office, and community