Meet Our Class of 2021


Kostas Demertzis, MD

Hometown: Samos, Greece, an island in the Aegean Sea

Medical School: Ancona, Italy, after which I trained and worked as a Family Physician in Greece

Medical Interests: Ambulatory family medicine, teaching, and population health

Future Plans: Dublin is my wife’s home town, so I’d love to live and work in the Dublin area, and raise our kids here

Hobbies: Running, working out, and caving. Looking forward to trying wall climbing.

Why Dublin: It’s an ideal residency with an unopposed community hospital program and a faculty with clear ideas about the priorities of the program and who focus on strong outpatient practice, innovation, and a flexible curriculum.

My favorite part of the residency is being an unopposed program and having office every day - that is difficult, but extremely productive for training and patient continuity.


Nina Oberschmidt, DO

Medical School: Ohio University Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine, Dublin

Undergraduate University: Ohio State University

Hometown: Columbus, Ohio

Medical Interests: Preventative wellness, Osteopathic Manipulative Therapy, sports medicine, academic medicine

Hobbies: Hosting Italian dinner parties, grocery shopping, thrift shopping, teaching spinning class, coaching field hockey, re-reading Harry Potter, watching documentaries, planning my next vacation, waiting for the Buckeyes to win another National Championship

Future Plans: The future of ambulatory family medicine practice incorporates a multimodal wellness approach with increased patient accessibility. Within the patient- centered medical home model, the patient and practitioner both benefit from personalized, effective treatment options. My practice will center on preventative wellness and Osteopathic Manipulation Therapy to target chronic diseases such as obesity, anxiety, depression, hypertension, heart disease, arthritis and diabetes. As a certified fitness instructor, former college athlete and Osteopathic physician, I have the power to both reverse chronic conditions and prevent their occurrence within my community.

In an ideal world, my practice would be associated with a fitness center with affordable childcare where patients could complete their daily exercise. I would work out and/or teach a few classes at this facility in addition to working at my clinical practice. This would allow me to hold patients more accountable for their treatment plans and enable me to lead by example. In addition to primary care physicians, this hybrid patient-centered medical home/fitness center would include inter-professional healthcare allies such as nutritionists, physical therapists, and personal trainers. Exercise is medicine!

Why Dublin Methodist: It is an absolute honor to pilot Dublin Methodist’s family medicine residency program. As a passionate Columbus native, it is vital for me to serve the primary care needs of the people in this city. As a member of the inaugural class of Ohio University Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine Dublin, I thoroughly enjoyed shaping its familial culture, student organizations and undergraduate recruitment team while learning medicine. The process required skills that I utilize as a physician: constant communication, openness to compromise, creative conflict resolution and transparency regarding new issues and future goals. I am passionate about the osteopathic medicine movement, I thrive in leadership positions and I am an energetic, upbeat individual who loves a new challenge. OhioHealth Dublin Methodist Hospital provides the best environment for me to realize my goals and have some fun along the way.

Favorite part of residency: My favorite part of residency is my ability to tailor my learning to my practice goals. My current project is to create an Osteopathic Manipulation longitudinal curriculum that is easy for allopathic residents to learn and utilize. The faculty and staff at DMH not only allow me to explore my interests, but also encourage me to imagine new ways of delivering primary care.


Veronica Poffel,


Undergraduate: Oxford College of Emory University, Kent State University

Medical school: University of Cincinnati

Hometown: Newcomerstown, Ohio

Future practice goals: women’s health, preventative medicine, procedures

About me: I’m from all over. I was born in Baltimore, MD, but my mother was in both the Navy and the Army, so I’ve also lived in Norfolk, Virginia and Leavenworth, Kansas. In between these moves, I’ve spent most of my life in Newcomerstown, Ohio, which is two hours East of Columbus. Then off to Atlanta I went for college, and eventually a second Bachelor’s degree in northern Ohio at Kent State. I completed medical school in Cincinnati and my boyfriend, Colin, and I moved to Grove City.

Why Dublin: I came to this residency because here we dare to be different! Medicine has evolved, but most residency programs haven’t changed. At Dublin Methodist Family Medicine Residency, there is a strong focus on physician wellness, but we extend that to our office staff, as well as to the well-being of the community we serve. We’ve begun implementing innovative ideas for outreach in the community including exercise prescription, a nutrition curriculum, and as an office, we’ve been exploring area fitness locations in order to better understand the needs, accessibility, and barriers for our patients.

Favorite part of residency: I am lucky enough to be part of an awesome group of residents who are all open-minded, hardworking individuals who bring their own strengths to the program! We all have been flexible, open to giving and receiving feedback, and in working through any challenges we’ve experienced in our new residency positions. These wonderful people have made this transition from medical school to residency that much smoother and the first year was a total blast.

In the community: I have a strong passion for patient advocacy, education, and support. Lastly, I am part of the OhioHealth Physician Diversity Scholars and I serve as a mentor to a current OSU medical student. I attend leadership events as well a slew of local health and wellness events, encouraging area residents to get in to see their primary care doctors!

Hobbies: In my free time, I like to go to the movies (I recommend the AMC pass if you go as often as we do), do crafts/home remodeling, shop for a bargain, cook, play video games/board games/card games, explore area restaurants, and watch the Ravens on Sunday night!

Pets: I have two turtles- a spiny soft shell turtle and an Asian box turtle. My boyfriend, Colin, and I are proud furr parents to Winston H. W. "Mr. Worldwide" Poffel-Morton, a Corgi-Pitt mix.


Fatima Siddiqui,


Hometown: Mansfield, Ohio

Undergraduate University: The Ohio State University

Medical School: Ross University School of Medicine

Medical Interests: Women’s Health, Sports Medicine, Preventative Medicine, Integrative Medicine

Future Plans: I plan on working predominately in an outpatient setting, focusing on preventative medicine and women’s health.

Hobbies: Netflix bingeing, finding new restaurants, working out, watching movies, fluid painting, discount shopping, traveling, cooking, baking, and most importantly feeding people

Favorite food: pasta specifically from Piada or anything alfredo, nutella stuffed pancake balls from Katalina’s, a Pakistani delicacy called haleem, pizza from Mikey’s Late Night Slice, and red velvet anything (cupcakes, cake, cheesecake, pancakes and etc.)

Why Dublin Methodist: This program is exactly what I was looking for, it is an outpatient-focused program that puts education and learning first. I believe this program will give me the tools to be a strong family medicine physician.

Favorite Part of Residency: It is a blessing to be in the inaugural class of this program. I am happy that I can tailor my education to my interests and goals as well as help shape this residency.


Nathan Stephens, MD

Hometown: Carmel, Indiana

Undergraduate University: Indiana University

Medical School: Indiana University School of Medicine

About Me: I grew up in Carmel, Indiana a suburb on the North side of Indianapolis (the Dublin of Indianapolis). I have been married to my lovely wife, Carrie, for 4 years, have an awesome dog, Peyton, and on my 30th birthday (8/18/18) we welcomed our first child, Emily, into the world. She is almost a year now and is such a joy. Family is very important to both my wife and I, and we have enjoyed starting our family here. We both enjoy family walks, board and card games, and hosting others at our house. I enjoy playing sports in particular soccer, and I was able excited to join a league here. I am an avid Indy sports fan. My wife was previously an elementary school teacher but we are lucky enough that now she can stay home with Emily. She loves baking and uses the residency as her taste testers. For my academics, I went to undergrad at IU Bloomington. I did a 5yr MD/MPH program through IU where I completed my didactics years in Fort Wayne and my clinical and MPH years in Indianapolis.

Why Dublin Methodist: Although it was difficult to move away from family and our social support, there were multiple reasons why my wife and I felt this was the best residency for us. I have done the cookie cutter/assembly line/sheep herder model in academia (high school 4000+, IU Bloomington, largest medical school in the country). I wanted to break away from that model for my residency and be a part of something great that was not afraid to evolve for the benefit of my patients, my family, and myself. After interviews and the second looks, Dublin Methodist was the place I felt would not only facilitate this desire but encourage it. This was and continues to be a repeated anthem of this program. My favorite part of this program is its desire to continue to break mold of what residency is and truly focus on what is value based in learning and not just workforce or “how we have always done it”. This focus has given me not only great learning but allows me to be home more often with my family.

Future Plans: My desire is to be an outpatient PCP with a focus on prevention and utilizing my MPH to help better my patient population. The other major draw for me to this residency was the focus/niche that this program is trying to fulfill of making strong outpatient physicians. When I hear graduates from other programs say they were not prepared enough to be an outpatient physician, I know that I am in the right place. This focus leading to clinic every day gives my patients more access to me through residency and makes the continuity, which is my favorite part of family medicine, a stronger component. Finally, when a program has that singular focus they are able to cater all learning environments/rotations toward this, so every rotation, although can be tailored to individual desires, has an overall focus of how can this help make better outpatient family doctor.

Eugene and Yekyung.jpg

Eugene Yoon,


Medical school: Wright State University, Boonshoft School of Medicine

Undergraduate University: Case Western Reserve University

Medical Interests: Preventive medicine, Diet and Nutrition, Sports Medicine, Geriatrics, Population medicine

Hobbies: I love to travel and plan for traveling! I have been to multiple countries and cities throughout Asia, Europe, and US. Other than traveling I love to cook, watch Netflix, trying new restaurants, and working out.

Favorite food: I love anything Korean and I’m not afraid to try new foods. Ask me what I had in the past and I bet I can surprise you!

Why Dublin Methodist: Innovation was what drew me to Dublin Methodist. It provides the residents with energy and flexibility to learn and engage in the hospital as well as community. Dublin Methodist is not afraid to try new things, faculty is passionate about education, and the program will support to tailor your own education!

Favorite part of Residency: My favorite part of residency is the innovative curriculum we have in Dublin Methodist. We engage and participate during our didactics and learn much more from it compared to the traditional lectures. Also our faculty and co-residents love to have fun!

Future Plans: I would love to become an outpatient primary care doctor that approaches health in multiple directions. Patient centered medicine with quality and education is the direction that I will strive for. My biggest plan for the future is to start a Non-Governmental Organization with my wife, helping 3rd world countries to build infrastructures for health and education.